22 November 2008

early morning weirdness

After feeding the cats, letting the dog out & back in, and fixing my cuppa tea, I sat down at my computer, which faces a corner where two windows meet. I saw a large dark shape detach itself from the top of the apple pine walnut tree to my left (east) and sail into the neighbors' yard; I thought, "Hawk" and worried about cats, theirs more than ours, because while ours are all full grown theirs include a crop of kittens...

In just a minute I saw the large dark shape walking around under their birdfeeder --definitely turkey-shaped. "Aha," I thought. "We have some pretty tame wild turkeys." But I already knew that; witness the photos I've taken of the flock walking around in my backyard; they seem to see me more as an annoyance than a threat and only when I persist in coming closer and closer do they head for the woods.

(note to self: put turkey flock pix up) ...here's a link to last year's turkeys:
MeowMom: turkey weather?
(and Banjo/Boots pix)

Well, these neighbors with the crop'o'kittens and birdfeeder have also two dogs; the elderly Banjo and the younger Boots. Wasn't long before Boots came tearing out in attack mode (fetch mode?) and yon turkey went into take-off mode: it taxied for a short while, then lifted off, then currrvvved upward-- and, I presume, flew back into my apple pine walnut tree to roost once more.

There's still snow on all the north-facing slopes, by the way. I expect we'll have that till April or so...

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