05 April 2007

turkey weather?

I've neglected to post the turkey pictures.

I'll remedy that now.

Every morning for a couple of weeks (or more), if I was paying attention I'd see a flock of wild turkeys chowing down in the backyard.

Then th'Mr tilled a garden spot and the turkeys came no more. I figured the two were related; after all, I'd asked that this year he put the garden in a different spot than previous years, to let the ground rest, and this new spot happened to be right where the turkeys crossed.

And I haven't seen them since.

Until this morning (and that was only one, who freaked when I came outside so I couldn't get a good picture).

This morning it's snowing.

There's another difference. When th'Mr began the garden, the weather had turned nice. On my google homepage I have a module showing my folks' weather down in south Florida, and for the past week ours has matched theirs. Could it be that turkeys prefer cooler weather for garden grazing?

Last night we had a freeze advisory, so, grumbling, I covered all my newly planted stuff with quilts. Good thing Lowe's was out of thrift; I only had to cover a small area by the smokehouse and a larger one by the garage. This morning the snow is flurrying a little, it's 32F on the front porch, and there are turkeys in my back yard.

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