22 November 2008


My monitor doesn't like it when my cell phone is near. Mentioned this to th'Mr, who knows exactly what I mean. The monitor makes a buzzing whiiiine, and also galloping sounds. Wonder if this contributed to the monitor weirdness I had a couple weeks ago. Monitor died. Other monitor didn't work either. Figured it was video card, so took box to computer doctor, where video worked fine. Worked fine once back at home, too. I'd uploaded several pictures (via cell phone) just prior to it going hinky. Operating cell phone (mms) at the computer results in weird whining & galloping noises coming from the monitor. Right in front of the computer is often the only place I can get enough signal strength to send an mms, unless I want to go outside and stand under the service drop (it's 25F out there right now). This is probably all giving me brain cancer or something.

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