21 November 2008


At 730 this morning the world outside my windows was white; even the road had a glaze. I took a couple pictures with the cell phone but the signal strength today hasn't been enough to send a multimedia message. (sent later, see below)

Before a trip into town I had a nice long soak in the tub, with the book I'm currently reading, Mary Roach's Stiff, which is a very funny nonfiction about what happens to corpses after death. Really. Funny.

We went to the nearby new Tractor Supply (it's in the old Mal~Wart) this afternoon (and I forgot to bring the cell phone, therfore the snow pix still didn't get sent), and learned they carry all the cat and dog food I've been driving 80 miles to Barboursville to buy. Yea!

Also dropped off stuff at CSS and books at the laundromat, and had lunch at Shoney's.

Still haven't jacked up the wood stove with the unistrut I got for that purpose, so we still don't have a fire in the stove. The electric bill is gonna be high...

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