04 November 2012

it's all about the body language

 Early voting favors the GOP. It always has. This is because the GOP's tendency to smear and smear and smear, and hopefully before the election they run out of gas because all their smears are proven false before the election. Think John Kerry - swift boat scandal. It was disproven, but Kerry never bothered defending himself because the charges were so ludicrous, and then he seemed shocked that so many voters believed it (Kerry apparently gave the electorate of 1999/2000 undeserved credit for having more intelligence /curiosity /cynicism than the majority of previously undecided voters that year actually had.)

 For the Liberal/ Socialist/ Fascist????/ Democratic party election season is all about disproving slander (why don't politicians get sued for slander more often? Do they have some sort of legal immunity? DON'T they have any legal protection??).


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