06 November 2012

silly stuff

  If I do a google search for "COPD, nebulizer, marijuana," I wonder what sort of warrant would be required for someone to use that (THAT = browsing history) in a background check of me. Surely I'd have to be already found guilty of a felony before my rights could be violated to this extent. And since I don't intend to be guilty of any felonies, I should feel safe searching for whatever I want to.

  "How's your breathing after 2 nebulizer treatments? No? Wanna see if inhaling a little smoke will open your lungs up?"

  Could a local doctor recommend or even write a prescription for that, even if medical marijuana isn't legal in this state? I mean, you'd have to go to Ohio to fill the scrip, and then you'd be guilty of a misdemeanor if you brought it home to Kentucky, but could it be WRITTEN here? Hmm.

  Yesterday afternoon I put Jet in the ground; he died of pancreatic issues at the Vet's on Saturday morning. 2nd dead cat with insulin problems in just over a year, though Anastasia had a load of other problems contributing. Vet said it isn't something environmental. He took a slice of Jetjet's pancreas to take a look.

  My little chat noir (he looked just like the painting) wasn't too interested in catnip, but I put a few dry stalks over top of him, to discourage predators and parasites, then planted the whole sack (15 bulbs) of clearanced crocus on top of him.

  This morning I took Sapphire in to get checked... both her hips seem to have gotten weak in just a couple days.

  Then I voted, then went home and cleaned house, got Bob up around 1PM, took him to vote and then to plant a couple of birdfeeders with Fred, but he was out of breath again, so soon after a Duoneb treatment. He took another. Sees the primary care physician next week, and another one or two doctors. Maybe I should set up an eye appointment next week too - he'll have to go twice, once early in the day, once late.

  Oh, I did go hang the feeders for Fred, and came home across Campbell Branch and Holly Fork. Been doing laundry all day. House looks better.


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