12 May 2012


  Time to do Saturday things - read, knit, clip kitty claws, comb and brush cats, look out the window, walk around the yard, do yard work, clean house, relax...

  Yesterday I tilled up a bit more of the garden patch, planted my 3 pepper plants and a couple of cherry tomatoes I'd started from seed, got okra seeds soaking on the windowsill in anticipation of planting them soon, and then at noon went next door to put in receptacles in the neighbor's new front room. We'd pulled the wire the day before, till it was too dark to work more. Now I've got all the receptacles hot and wire ready for the light and porch lights. Got through there about 4PM, then at 8 met a friend at a local food & music venue, had a lovely catfish dinner (OMG the greens were AWESOME!!! I got greens as a side because my Daily Challenge yesterday told me to "go green" but I hadn't expected to love them!) and listened to an hour or so of Levon Helm tribute.

  Went to bed soon after getting home, and woke before 8.

  Now it's Saturday! There's a chance of rain tomorrow, better chance tomorrow night, and back to "chance" for Monday, but temps are perfect: 70s during the day, 50s at night; all my windows are open.

  ...and on my facebook page the gay marriage debate rages on. In case you're wondering, here's my latest post on that:

  When you take God out of the picture --and I realize religious folks don't want to do that, they figure God has to be in the picture all the time-- but if you take God out of the picture for a moment and think like I do, that God is a fantasy to be grown out of, like Santa Claus --eventually you have to grow up and "be good for goodness' sake" instead of for threat of punishment or promise of reward-- then the bottom line becomes, "what does someone's sexual orientation (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else), what does that have to do with me? Why should I care if you eat broccoli unless I intend to feed you?

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