13 May 2012


 Almost manic yesterday, dunno why (and no, I'm back on the dosage I'm prescribed, LOL) - possibly because of this new knitting pattern I improvised (will post pix later) ...but... maybe it's got to do with a more general optimism!

 I woke up this morning certain that President Obama will win his re-election bid. By an overwhelming margin. Now we need to keep him safe till then (and afterwards)! Though... I think there's been a stride forward and I don't believe we'll be taking backward steps. This country is done electing bigots at the national level!

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Eileen said...

Good to hear you're feeling good.

As a Canadian I've watched with interest the political manouevering without feeling involved. Obama has certainly been a pendulum shift from Bush. He seems more reasonable but has been faced with some really tough decisions over the course of his mandate.

I hope your optimism is rewarded!