10 May 2012


 I suspect I do have pneumonia. But I have a checkup scheduled for Tuesday, and I think I can stumble along fine till then.

 This afternoon I went next door and pulled wire for all the outlets in my neighbor's new front room. Tomorrow I'll put in the outlets, and the lights if he's got them. It was fun to work barefoot with a beer in my hand, and the admiration from the other neighbors (20-somethings) at my skill and knowledge ~LOL~ in such simple (to me) electrical matters was gratifying.

 I've got a few more areas of home done and I think the next big declutter areas will be the bathroom --vanity and cabinet-- and the kitchen catch-all bookcase.

  Oh, and I've been through the tax papers once. One more time and I'll be ready to deliver them... maybe tomorrow morning.

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