12 March 2012

living with brain trauma

 So today I phoned to ask him if the word exacerbate only means to make a bad situation worse, or if it can also mean to make a good situation better. No real reason for asking except the word is stuck in my head today, and of all the people I know, he's the one I'm most certain would know the answer to that. I got his answering machine, left my question, and will have to content myself with getting the answer later. It's noon, so he's probably in physical therapy and having lunch while he's out.

Neighbor came over and helped burn the brush pile last night. I was getting worried if I left it too long then birds would begin nesting in it... and it's in the way; I can't till the garden up till it's gone. Now it's gone. Last night was a perfect time for it - every day I've had time till now it's been too windy (or raining). It drizzled all night after midnight and now we're looking at 3 days rain coming. Heard a strange knocking outside and found starlings thinking about building a nest where the fascia is still down where we repaired the roof last summer. Oh well, they nested in the garage fascia for years and didn't do any damage, I guess I can put up with this for one summer.

Spring break is here. My student loan money came in and I've paid all the bills, paid off the credit cards, and have time to gather the tax material for the accountant (so that I'll have another "pay check" in a month or two). Daffodils are blooming all over the yard, a few crocus too. I began cleaning flower beds yesterday afternoon. I don't think there's anything that relaxes me more than sinking my fingers into the earth and working weeds out by their roots.

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