12 March 2012

...and who's to blame?

 Battle Hymn of the Republic. At some point, students changed the reason for rejoicing to "the burning of the school." My father's generation sang, "glory, glory hallelujah, teacher hit me with a rul(ah). Hit her on the bean with a rotten tangerine" (and then something embarrasing with the word "keen" in it, that I won't repeat here). Then my generation, in the 70s, sang, "met her at the door with a loaded .44 and she ain't gonna teach no more," which made our parents roll their eyes at the rudeness of the current generation, but nobody was alarmed, because this was decades before anyone actually carried out a school shooting. Then my son's generation... I don't know if they sang anything, but the shooting commenced, and now there are metal detectors in schools. Maybe "battle" and "hymn" shouldn't have been used so closely together in the first place.

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