17 March 2012

Happy Saint Catnip Day

 I've suspected it for a while, that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD - I crave daylight and sunshine. My favorite day of the year is probably the day I exchange the 3-layered, heavy, flannel, canvas and denim "cat door" for the 2-layered, light, mesh lace cat door. Or maybe it's the day I spend hours pulling dead grasses from between the fence pickets, uncovering new growth. Today I did both, and mowed the front yard too. Found several small catnip patches, three rose bushes I'd forgotten I planted last year, foxglove is spreading nicely, enough purple coneflower and monarda to share with whomever may want some.

I get ADHD this time of year. I bet I've washed my hands and scrubbed my fingernails six times today, intending to knit. I wind a little yarn and next thing you know I'm following a cat around the garden, discovering new catnip, pulling wild strawberry and sheep sorrel from around my daffodils and other bulbs, or taking cuttings from the forsythia to plant in other parts of the yard.

Today is Saturday, tomorrow's the last day of Spring Break. I'm so glad we had pretty weather. Just enough rain, just enough sun. I've done a lot of sleeping this week, a little reading, some knitting, quite a bit of cleaning, a lovely amount of yardening, but I could use a few more weeks! In knitting, on a "Germans living in the USA" Ravelry group I've joined a shawl knit-along, and my talented friend Valerie also asked me if I'd like to test knit another of her beautiful sock patterns! Would I! That's what I was trying to get started on today, when the yard kept luring me away.

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