07 March 2012


 last night, or rather, this morning (between alarm clocks) I dreamed it was suddenly finals week. Someone said to me (about pharmacology class), "don't worry, it's just the table of elements." We all met in a conference room at the hospital and ate cake with our fingers, and then took off our shoes to give to the tornado victims, many of whom were patients. For some reason I was just wearing two long tshirts, one over the other, and underwear. We buried three classmates that didn't make it, and later I buried three more, from a different class, because those people didn't know what we'd done. My cats were there while I was digging (with my fingers, which made it hard to eat cake), and I worried (about the cats) because we were so close to the road I was hiding the three flat caskets under the 5th wheel mechanism on the wrecker parked there. I couldn't finish the job by myself, so hiding them there was what I did. There was snow.

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