03 March 2012


 it begins in my chest in my throat in my head feels like a fistula, like fibrillation, I wonder if I'm about to have a stroke, wore a Holter monitor once for 24 or 48 hours and nothing showed up. Wonder if it's caffeine related, nothing today but coffee and a little bit of chocolate, not hungry, got appetite but nothing seemed worth the effort of making. Monday begins the big diet, better eat something substantial tomorrow, or what's left of tonight. Tomorrow Sunday, I can drink something, gave up alcohol for Lent and wake every morning feeling hung over. Think that's sinuses, inhaler seems to relieve it but intermittent massive headache throughout the day, seemed to begin the day I quit drinking (Fat Tuesday). Trembling, that's new, not withdrawal LOL, not DTs, pretty sure it's circulatory. Shaking so badly it's hard to knit, hard to type. If it follows past pattern it'll be gone soon as I eat something, change position, walk around a little bit. Weird.

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