01 October 2011

first day of October, second week of Fall

 Just finished washing the stove room windows. I wish I could force myself into some sort of routine: "clean off desk and pay bills every Friday, wash stove room windows every Saturday" ...but closer to the truth would be "wash windows the first of the month" and any company always shows up on the 29th, lol.

But anyway. I did get laundry put away, sheets back on the bed (I've spent the past 3 nights in the kitchen chairtrap, since there were no sheets on the bed), and one of the last things I ran across in the laundry basket were stove room curtains. Aha. Put those up, not on that dirty window! So I washed dishes to get a soapy sponge (one thing leads to another) and now the one set of curtains is hung and the other is in the hamper. All 7 windows are clean, and their windowsills.

I've had a fire in the wood stove since yesterday afternoon. The weather was predicted wrong again - 8 days of "mostly sunny" or "sunny" and it's been overcast and drizzling for the first two of those 8. The new stove pipe is wonderful. Even though I still haven't put up ceiling insulation (and still can see sky to the east), the house is warmer than last winter (okay, it's just the 2nd week of fall, but still.)

I'm going to really try to not use the electric heat at all this winter.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Cats. Haven't seen Snuffy in a week. I'm sad. I am going to assume he moved out. Last time I saw him he came in one evening while I was watching movies, very affectionate, then left when I scolded him for growling and hissing at Red.

The other tabby, that lives with the woman who has the black-tailed white dog, is trying to move in. And so is Little Jet. I still haven't got close enough to that one to tell if it's male or female, but it's inside almost all the time... under the couch, under the bed, or upstairs. Now I've got the upstairs blocked off and the window shut. Cats are unhappy about the window, but they will adjust.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Knitting. I am on the toe decreases of Celtic Roots sock, the pattern I'm test-knitting for Val. I'm also about two feet into a scarf to go with the fingerless gloves and hat in Bernat multi-toned blue. The colorway, which worked up so disappointing in the gloves and somewhat unmemorable in the hat, is turning into a lovely zigzag in the scarf. Also on the needles is the cat'ghan for Jillicle, which, though it's halfway done, I'm going to photograph and then frog, and then restart holding two lengths of yarn together. As it is, it's way too thin to make a decent cat'ghan.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

School, and Bob... Bob's been real confused lately, which depresses me - so much so that I have a hard time functioning, which --of course-- affects my schoolwork. I'm barely holding a low B in this 9-credit class, but fall break is soon and I still have time to turn this around.

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