03 October 2011

October Monday

Today's been the kind of crisp, clear day that begs for a camera, and time to set up shots. Instead I was oohing and ahhing on the way to school --camera was in my bag, but there's really no time to stop-- and again later. After school, after hanging out with Bob for a bit, after taking a therapeutic mile-and-a-half walk, after driving home nd spending another hour canvassing the neighborhood for word of Snuffy, then I realized I'm still out of dish soap, still out of catfood, still haven't bought myself Mucinex, and headed to town. Apparently there's been a big wreck on the interstate and I actually saved time driving an extra few miles across the mountain instead of the usual US60 route. At first, seeing so many semis, I assumed they were cracking down at the weigh-station...

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