04 July 2011

Need. Beauty. Rest. Rahhhhhhhr.

...and then three hours sleep Friday, seven Saturday and two so far Sunday night. That's 55 hours in eleven nights (if I don't get back to sleep tonight). New strategy: Set the alarm for five hours and see what happens. Perhaps a dramamine in the evening, since I don't seem to be achieving five hours most of the time?

Does not help, the fact I've got poison ivy (on my chin) again and am taking prednisone again. If I could get off all the pills I have a feeling this would ease up some.

The poison ivy comes from yard work and obstinacy. I spent hours Wednesday and Thursday working along the front fence (with occasional, minor poison-ivy removal) and Friday in the graveyard, with more occasional minor poison ivy removal. When it's just small tendrils of the stuff my stubborn self reasons (1) it needs to come out and (2) it's such a small amount, if I go wash my hands right now in an hour or so I'll catch the urushiol before it catches me. Maybe if I actually stuck to the "right now" reasoning I'd be correct.

Maybe tomorrow today I'll finally work on screwing the loose fence back to the posts ...which would make a world of difference to the look of the fence. Maybe a coat of paint, next?

Saturday after an early visit to Bob I went to cousin Rose's for a lasagne dinner and family fellowship. Another favorite cousin is in from the west coast, and I took Rose up on her standing invitation to spend the night when coming over for dinner and drinks. Sunday morning we all headed for the lake --finally exercising my third local swimming option-- and at noon I headed back over to visit with Bob. Late afternoon his sister and brother-in-law also showed up for a visit, and sometime after 8PM I got home for what's left of the weekend.

Tuesday (?) the 28th he had two appointments in Lexington. The 2nd one involved some general anesthesia, which seems to have affected his thinking for the next few days. Today I saw a return to more-or-less normal thinking. Wednesday I mentioned it to the nurse, who said she'd note it and keep an eye on him. I wager tomorrow being a holiday it will be Tuesday before I get through to any of the doctors who I think should also have this information.

So much to keep track of; so much data to coordinate with so many health professionals. I am not going to trust they all get every bit of information to each other, so I am babysitting them. After all, I have more of an interest in this "case" than they do, so I feel it is my job to make sure they do theirs. This of course in no way would impact how much sleep my brain allows my body to have.

The lake was nice. Maybe I'll fit an hour a day there into my daily schedule. HAHAHA!!! Like that's going to happen.

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