10 July 2011

facebook monologue about cats

We have 13... Shorty's mom was Siamese, her dad was a tabby with white feet. She is a tabby-point Siamese with blue eyes and white feet. She is 13, addicted to cat treats and knows which key on the keyboard shuts down the computer.

Shorty traveled with me in a 21-foot camper for a year and set paw in 8 states. She was born in Meigs county Tennessee and has lived with me since she was 4 weeks old. Sapphire is 13 and was born next door and has never been further than 12 miles away (where the drrr is). She is long haired and black and yellow-eyed and looks a lot like (our friend)Chloe.

Sapphire's hair is so thick and fine she develops mats so thick I call them a mattress. Comb, brush, cut, every day and still her mattress lives on. She is allergic to fleas. Elastic hair ties are her favorite toys and she'll walk around carrying one meowing for hours.

Booger and Nameless were born here, they are 12 and are first cousins. Boog is Saph's son and Nameless is Ruby's daughter. Ruby and Sapphire came here at the same time as kittens but Ruby disappeared. Boogie used to walk in the woods with me. He is so big now though he waddles. He loves being brushed. Nameless is her name. She knows it and will carry on a conversation with you: Nameless? Mew? Nameless. Meow. Nameless. Prrrp?

Klutz is Nameless' daughter, she is 11. Her other name is Queen of All She Surveys. As a kitten she was silver. Now she's grey and cream. Long, tangled hair and no patience for the brush. Oh, Boog and Nameless are black with yellow eyes. Klutz has orangish-yellow eyes.

Klutz is the youngest cat born here. Roadie came from the middle of the road out in Lewis county. His life expectancy may have been down to minutes. He weighed less than a pound. We think he was several generations feral, because although he was a typical kitten, when he hit puberty he moved out to the barn and avoids people. Except in winter, when he's a house/lap/bed cat.

Roadie looks Russian blue, with short dense blue-grey hair and yellow eyes.

He's 9 this month.

The vet figures Red at 4 or 5 years old. He insisted he wants to live here, so I got him fixed, tested, shots, and figured I'd never see him again. But actually I never *don't* see him. He follows me everywhere. Even now, when I'm having to give him eye drops 5x/day (and wrap him in a towel to do it), he still hangs out with me. He bit me once, when Roadie upset him, when he was new here. I don't think he'll ever bite me again, even with eye drops he just growls and doesn't even try to use his claws.

Red is orange and white, with orange eyes. Right after Winston died in late 2009, (he was black, with a tiny white patch on his chest), this black kitten with a tiny white patch on her chest climbed up the back of my skirt and sat on my shoulder. I inquired around and she was one of many strays a woman in the area was feeding. She said I was welcome to her. So Barney came home. But first she went to the drrrr to get checked out.

At the drrr the vet techs laughed, saying to me, "all your kitties are black!" So I said Bob's been wanting a tabby, because they are so friendly, lap cats. And so the homeless tabby boy who lived at the vet came home with Barney. His name is Snuffy and he's BEAUTIFUL.

Barney is about 3 months older than Snuffy. Both are turning 2 about now. Then I got interested in the cat rescue stuff going on here on Facebook - what the hell, when you have ten or so, what's one more? - and decided to rescue a couple Russian blues from a kill shelter in Georgia.

This turned into Growler (a black Maine coon male from the horrible shelter at Gaston) and Anastasia (a Russian blue female from Jasper, GA). But the day after I said I'd take these two, two more kittens came into our lives.

So instead of two more, we ended up with four (who are all about one year old now). Sugar and Spike are (presumably) a brother and sister who were dumped at our nurse practitioner's office one dark and stormy night. It rained buckets and sheets. They were found by the dumpster early in the morning, and were moved to the flower bed. Then the rain quit and the sun came out and it got to 100 degrees. Then we showed up and took them to the drrrr. Other than dehydration they were okay.

Sugar and Spike are orange and white. She's (Sugar) mostly white and roly-poly. He is white on the bottom with orange-tabby paint dripping down his sides and long and lanky.

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