05 August 2011

Some solutions are quite simple

At least one of my cats (Shorty) prefers to use the bathtub for a litter box, even if all five boxes are clean with fresh litter in them.

At least one other of my cats (Booger) prefers to urinate in any empty dish - dust pan, empty laundry hamper, etc.

These two were back-of-my-mind minor stressors till recently:

I put empty litter boxes in Boog's favorite two places - behind the washing machine in the "back bathroom" and between toilet and tub in the main bathroom. I check them daily, empty and rinse as needed. For the tub - I now keep an inch of water in it between uses. Nobody wants wet paws, apparently!


Eileen said...

Found your blog on a "next blog" click. I'm amazed how much you accomplish, dealing with your schoolwork, husband's health issues, the garden, house, your knitting projects, and of course the cats! I truly hearing about the kitties, as I have four of my own.
Good luck with your classes this year and thanks for sharing your life with us!

meowmom said...

Thanks, Eileen :) I truly needed that pat on the back. Today I've accomplished zero and that's added to my stress. Now after reading your comment I think tomorrow has a chance of being better.