30 June 2011

two nights sleeping

Eight full hours sleep last night, from 10 to 6. Woke up twice but was able to get right back to sleep. That was the second night I took melatonin and laid down at 10PM.

I probably ought to ice my ankle. I've had several close calls on the bank out front. It is steep and makes a sudden turn, and no matter if I have on clogs, sneakers, or am barefoot, as soon as I stop paying attention my foot slips out from under me and my ankle folds in half. One of these days it's going to snap right in two. I have a feeling a broken bone would put an end to getting out of the chair and getting exercise. How many weeks of immobility? I've never broken a bone. Maybe mine are
especially flexible.

Funny; all the cats try to get between me and the keyboard in the morning --it is, after all, traditional to feed them as soon as my feet hit the floor-- but Growler actually comes up and presents his butt so I can comb out the night's accumulation of pine sap and seed heads.

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