14 June 2011


  A couple weeks ago I got my lipid test results. The doctor was excited ... ran to make me a copy! Said I should hang this on my fridge! Said I should be teaching a class on controlling cholesterol!

Yea. But if my numbers are so good, why can't I lose weight, why am I in fact *gaining* weight?? She said walk. I said my knees hurt. She said sign up for water aerobics! Oooh, I love the water. So yesterday I checked on the University Pool... they are in the process of moving to a new location and told me to come by this afternoon to fill out paperwork (for water aerobics class). Then I went to City Pool and found out it's $3 per day for adults, and the "quietest" times are when they first open at noon, and after 5. Thought I'd go there at noon today, but it's barely 70F and I have a ton of other stuff to do (including filling out paperwork at University Pool).

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