15 June 2011

get up and move

So in my newfound fitness determination ...getting up away from the keyboard and out doing something is the plan.

Yesterday and day before, firewood. Had the truck so loaded the leaf springs were completely compressed! Loaded, drove home, unloaded. That was work, and exercise.

Then this morning I took both bicycles to the bike repair guy, dropped them off. Hopefully I'll be riding around some soon. They've spent at least 15 years in the barn, and it really looks like other than tires (dry rotted) and tubes, there is nothing wrong with them. He offered to buy them and sell me something I could use right away... so apparently they're good bikes.

Then today I swam swam swam swam swam at University pool. I swam two hours and would have gone another two but it started storming outside and they made us leave. I thought an indoor pool would be okay? That's basically why I went to University instead of City Pool today, because it was going to storm...

And yesterday I turned on the radio. I've had it off - it's Bob's radio and I was glad to have some quiet. He'd been listening to Outlaw Country on XM - and that station was on my nerves really bad. So for three months the radio has been off, and I never thought to turn it on (just like the TV, which has been off since 1989 - I never think to turn it on).

So a couple days ago I turned on the radio. Channel 1 is a program guide. It ran on low volume for a day. Then I moved up to channel 2. It's top 40, meh. Channel 3 ran all night long. It is hip hop top 40. Still somewhat meh, but better than channel 2. This morning I moved up the dial to 4. That's 40s on 4. Within half an hour I heard something I knew and liked --who IS that????-- Benny Goodman, Sing Sing Sing. That's sort of what I turned the radio on for, right? To get up and moving?

Hey, 40s music is pretty cool.

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