23 June 2011

knitting fiction

 So in the rush and confusion of the past few months, things have been neglected. Last week I finally got our income taxes turned in to the accountant and cleaned off both our desks. Found an overdue notice from a book club Bob had joined, saying he still had an obligation to buy 4 books (or just pay for 4 books - what an option, LOL). So I found four he'd like, and since it's also buy-two-get-one-free I felt justified getting myself two books of knitting fiction.

This morning I woke at 5 again. Several nights in a row of only 3 hours at a time sleep. This morning I decided to just stay up; maybe that'll break the cycle. So I reached down into my purse and pulled out the first knitting book. It is a collaboration, an anthology, whatever you want to call it, by Debbie MacComber and two others, called The Knitting Diaries.

I've read some Debbie MacComber... I think. I've read several knit fiction books, and with the exception of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (who isn't really writing fiction anyway - maybe that's why), I am vaguely disappointed in all of them. Why does knit fiction have to read like Young Adult fiction?

On page 112 I stopped, thinking what would make this more realistic is if he slipped a roofie in her wine and hauled her back to his apartment. Also if the kid had (not maliciously, but carelessly, as kids do) let slip about the rowboat. So I put the book down, not 12 pages from the end of the story, and picked up my knitting instead.

Finished the leg of the first Celtic Roots sock, and then looked over the pattern with an eye to editing. Val asked me to test-knit this pattern, just when I was yearning for a tangy pattern in skinny yarn for socks, for me. :) Since I began these she has sent a couple revisions, which I haven't looked over yet (knowing they would not affect the leg), so this morning I made my edits on the original pattern. Then it was 8AM, and I got up.

But seriously, why does Knit fiction have to read like Young Adult fiction?

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