13 June 2011

Who are you?

I love my FeedjitLive. I do wonder about the people who come here "direct." Who are you, Cambridge, Massachusetts, running on linux? Who are you Los Angeles; Santa Barbara; Charleston South Carolina?? Hi, Hialeah, I know who YOU are!

Today it was too hot to do much of anything. But in reality (as opposed to here in hot-flash world), it's only in the 70s, so I took the truck over to the aunt & uncle's place and loaded up the "Sickie-more" that had been cut down and cut up. Loaded loaded loaded till the truck was full above the sides and the leaf springs were completely compressed, till my shirt and pants and bandanna and eyes were full of sawdust.

Do I want to stay for a hamburger? Thanks, but it's too hot to eat. I'll be back tomorrow evening to get the rest. But first I need to unload this load...

Drove home in 2nd gear (it's less than a mile), pulled Moby Dodge around back where the wood will sit till split, and ...tada!

Then a shower, my 2nd of the day, and a light dinner: "Mixed Spring Greens" from the produce department, a handful of black olives, chopped; Feta cheese (has there EVER been anything nommier?) and anchovies! Perfect. Thought about some red wine vinegar dressing, but it really didn't need it.

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