15 April 2011

So yesterday evening I e-filed our 6-month tax deferral. Now that the pressure's off I will probably get it together this weekend. I haven't met the new accountant yet, but I'll be surprised if he's not happier with a new job coming in late April than early April. Our old accountant died unexpectedly in March. He was a nice guy and I'm real sorry about that. He made arrangements for all his accounts to go to another accountant, pending approval by the clients, of course. So I'll be showing up fashionably late...

Little Anastasia almost certainly has Feline Infectious Peritonitis, but is rallying well so far. She's going to the vet twice a week to have fluid drawn out of her pleural sac. Each time the amount of fluid is less, and she seems to feel much better, so I'm hopeful. I say she "almost certainly" has it, because they are unable to pin it down. They've seen it before, and what she has acts like FIP, but there are inconsistencies. So we're not positive.

Bob is rallying. He's on different pain medication and a lower decadron dose, and though it should be too early to tell a difference, today I saw much less of the apathy that had me so worried. One thing we got cleared up today is, he was sure one of the doctors had told him he was "stage 4 cancer." I said, "WHAT?!" because as far as I know he has "beat" the cancer, and I told him so. So the hospitalist came in and cleared up that misconception (Bob's, not mine), and, though when I asked, "does that make you feel any better?" he answered, "Nope," just like I expected him to (lol), when he slept next he slept a restful sleep like I hadn't seen in a while.

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