10 April 2011

Where on earth did this come from?

So I thought I heard a loon. Then I realized it's turkeys.

Bob & I watched On Golden Pond, but it's been several years ago.

Sounds like the loons ...ah, I mean the TURKEYS, are in the woods across the highway to the north. How smart are they? The neighbor shot two in early 2010. In winter 2010/11 they did not come into the yard to eat the corn I put out. I've heard they can't count - if they see two people go into a blind and later one person comes out, they feel like they are safe, because the "people" have gone. Doesn't mean they won't remember being shot at, though.

Me, I'd rather shoot with a camera, but then I'm borderline vegetarian anyway.

Bought half a gallon of almond milk (non-dairy). It's okay in tea, but a bit too weird-sweet to drink.

Okay, I'm off to hunt morels...

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