10 May 2011

Schooooooooooooool's out FOR SUMMER!

Okay, so I started this semester by saying, "I have a 3.83 GPA, which I hope to improve on."

I did. I got all A's, which gives me a 3.857 (on a 4.0 scale)! Wheeeeeeeeooooooo.

Took my final Final yesterday morning, and now have Three! Months! Off! Fall semester classes begin mid-August. I plan to put in some daily read-and-review time between now and then, but first I'm taking the rest of this week off. :)

Last night I was so tired the last thing I remember is thinking I want to take off my wrist watch so I don't have its imprint on my arm in the morning. Woke up with it still on.

My "week off" is not going to be all laying in the hammock with a glass of wine reading trashy novels... no, I wish! I need to clean off my desk pay bills file taxes (insert photo of desk here... probably at a later date)

Aunt J got a laptop and wants it wireless, so today --this morning, if I'm a good niece-- I'll go hook up her router for her.

Bob has doctor visits and scans I need to set up and coordinate (I think they're on my desk), and one morning this week I am attending a "care plan conference" for which I need to gather information. He is finally out of the hospital (after nearly two months) and attending physical therapy twice daily. I see improvement weekly, though his "daily" progress is more zigzaggy up and down.

Anastasia surprised everyone with her bounce-back. She's slowly gaining weight, does not seem to get out of breath though her breathing is still more rapid than our vet would prefer. He said what she has is "probably NOT feline infectious peritonitis," though he and everyone else (including the lab which did her testing) said it LOOKS a lot like FIP. She has a severe bacterial infection, which is slowly getting under control.

And we seem to have acquired another cat. A while back --couple years, anyway-- I found a cat flopping around in the neighbors' driveway with an Ol'Roy can stuck on his head. I brought the cat onto the porch where Bob held it while I found tin snips and cut the can off his head. Then Grrrl barked and lunged and the cat split, and I never saw it again till last week, when he showed up in my kitchen.

He looked pretty scraggly, most of his hair gone from the waist down (the vet says it's an allergy, itching, he pulled it out himself, no, cats do not get mange), very thin, and had on an ancient flea collar (with no smell left in it), so he had lived with a person at one point, but probably not recently. He is now tested, vaccinated, neutered, and hangs out here, with the tentative name Schmudge. (Insert Schmudge pikkies here).

And me, my health? People worry that I'm not eating --though that's not the case, I mean, I'm not losing any weight-- so they bring or send me food, which, though unnecessary, is welcome - I've found some real gems! I love the sourdough bread, tapenade, dried apricots, wines, nuts, strawberry-rhubarb preserves, chocolate-covered coffee beans, english muffins, and ramen-style noodles that have come in from friends in California! All I seem to buy at the grocery store lately is fresh fruit, cream, and yogurt (and catfood, don't forget the catfood - crap - I need to get catfood today!). And seltzer water. I'm drinking a lot of that in these weeks before the weather turns hot and tap water becomes palatable.

I've been threatening myself with a return to a daily yoga regimen, but instead yesterday I got out the push mower. Really, a PUSH mower. You push it and that makes the blades spin. I love it, but there's no way I could mow 3 acres (what we have in flat, mowable land) with it. Instead I gave it half an hour around the back porch, cellar, and garage; places it's hard to get to with the rider anyway; places I'd normally finish up with a weed eater or pair of shears. The push mower cuts very short. I keep the lawn tractor set on "5," which is the highest setting, so I'm not used to the "golf course" look. I think, in places, it's okay.

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