30 March 2011

Kitty Dreams

I've begun the Kitty Dreams afghan - found the chart on a backup CD. I did get my computer back Friday, but that was Friday morning on my way to the hospital, so it rode around in my trunk all day and Friday night when I hooked it up it would not start. I figure it slid up against something in the trunk and burned out the switch. So Monday I took it back to the shop and today I checked on it. Motherboard is toast. Meh. If I bring in the other box tomorrow they'll put my hard drive in it. I couldn't do that myself because the cables didn't mate up. Oh well, I bought that 'puter in 2003. It's time for an upgrade. Until Bob gets home I can just use his (with my hard drive squatting on unused space). It's always something.

So I'm 12 rows (double rows, it's a mosaic design) up the afghan, which puts me at the end of the border and the beginning of the picture. It's 103 stitches square, total... which, being double, makes it 103 stitches x 206 rows. Should be a quick knit. I am attempting stash-busting; my closet overfloweth. Mostly I have sock yarn, but lately everytime I start a sock I get bored with it and frog. And I really need socks! So I'm beginning with the worsted wool. Lets see how many Kitty Dreams I can crank out before I'm ready to knit socks!

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