04 April 2011


What am I to do?

My neighbors are the best neighbors I could ask for, but they are driving me crazy! I cannot have an uninterrupted two hours to study, and I need so much much more than two hours. I am close to two chapters behind in chemistry, I don't even KNOW where my biology study sheet is for Wednesday's quiz, and every time I sit down to write my essay for tomorrow night's class (essay on 'values'; how appropriate) someone comes knocking on the door or phoning to see if I need anything or want to come over for dinner... or something. How's my car running? How's Bob? Do I need more firewood?

If I didn't answer the door or phone they'd come right in, to make sure I'm okay.

Number one in my essay on "My personal values?" Even before this frustration built to the breaking point? Take a wild guess? Privacy. Corporal privacy. I don't care what you know about me --I'll tell you more than you want to know-- but I do prefer you don't show up unannounced. How ironic is that?

And I genuinely do like these people. I just wish they'd leave me alone for a while.

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