24 March 2011

and more yardwork

Yesterday, queasy all day, I went outside to try to work through it (didn't happen - time finally wore it down) and did to the inside of the fence what I'd done to the outside on Sunday. This time I had three, not two, piled-high wagonloads of brush, and the yard looks really good now. Of course that just draws my attention to how bad it looks behind the garage, and EGADS! Behind the barn! Bob's screensaver (I am using his computer while mine is in the shop, unless I'm on the new laptop) is a slideshow of cats, photos dating way back to our first digital camera - 2003, I think... there are a few baby pictures of Roadie, so yeah. And my point is, there are pix of behind-the-barn that look like lawn. Makes me want to work on that a bit... I could break a lawn tractor on it the way it is now; first chore would be dragging limbs to the burn pile.

There have been some break-ins in the neighborhood (so far only people who don't have big dogs seem to have been affected) so I won't be posting any "I'm going here or there..." in the future tense. But I'll let you know where I've been when I get back.

Monday and Tuesday I was in Lexington with th'Mr, who seems to be doing some better. He sat up for a lot longer than their daily goal for him is (6x as long, as a matter of fact), and was pulling himself forward in his chair, using back and stomach muscles. Still too weak to stand, but his upper body strength is improving fast!

He's also tracking time better; not nearly as much confusion about the when of things (last week vs yesterday vs this morning), so I continue to have confidence in Dr. Tutt's assessment that white matter makes new connections just like blood vessels do. Hell, we learned the same thing in BIO-137, so who am I to doubt! I suppose it's just a tendency we all have, when it concerns our own, to assume the worst is happening.

On cats - on March 21 everyone got fleadoped for the first time this year. I won't have trouble remembering the date: first day of Spring, which is why I did it then. But Spring seems to have ended already, and Winter is back. We have at least 3 days in the low 40s coming, and I've got a fire in the woodstove. My tomato seedlings look like Spring, though.

On knitting - there's a pattern I've made at least twice; it's a mosaic piece called the Kitty Dreams afghan. One I made for my father-in-law's cat, and it's probably still there, with the cat Moocher, who now lives with my brother-in-law. The other was buried with Cuz (who died a year before my father-in-law). So now I want to make it again, and googled it, but though I found the pattern online, the chart is not with the pattern. Hopefully I have printed out the chart somewhere... or even better, have a copy on my hard drive (which is in the computer shop for the week). I've begun socks several times, wanting to use up the dozens of balls of sock yarn I have stashed, but socks are not holding my interest. I did finally finish th'Mr's 4th (or 5th) chemo cap, just in time for his hair to grow in nice and thick. A nurse told him if he kept wearing the caps his hair would not grow back where they're tight. I believe that.

So what's a knitter to do? Cross stitch? Crochet? Read?

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