20 March 2011

March 20, yippee

Happy last day of winter! I did yardwork. A few weeks ago I'd cut back a lot of limbs and winter brush from along the front fence, and today (yeah, it's lain there a while) I got a rake and a nipper and the riding lawnmower and tow-behind wagon, went out front and cleaned it all up. Apparently that took two or three hours - I'm not sure just what time I started, but it's after 3PM now. I did a lot more raking, chopped back the holly-Bob's-grandfather-planted to give a new pretty (unknown, unnamed) bush some growing room, cut vines and sawbriar to the ground, chopped the butterfly bush and spiraea back to the fence (to make the road side of the fence less interesting to kitties), pruned the fence rose, gathered milkweed pods to plant out back (Monarch butterfly larvae like them), pulled black-eyed-Susan seed heads off the dried branches and planted them here and there along the fence... Woo! Lotsa work, but worth it. And I noticed the mowing platform of the rider was listing to one side --sort of vaguely noticed it last summer too, but that was a hectic summer and lots of things flitted into my head and right back out-- and thought there might be a spring missing. So after delivering my two loads of brush to the brush pile and returning the wagon to the barn I took a look under the mower. Took a few false starts, but I figured it out - this pin goes through here and then through there, and there's a hole a cotter pin should go through (found one in the garage), and tadaaa, fixed it. No more crooked mowing.

Now to fry up a pack of bacon BACON!!! and then back to the Chemistry homework, I guess! I love Chemistry! It is fun to learn and interesting and probably useful, but I have so much going on right now I just wish everything could go at a slower pace.

I really don't know who reads my blog other than some family, some people from Ravelry, some from Facebook, so maybe everyone knows th'Mr is back in the hospital, and has been for more than two weeks now. It's been hard to try to deal with school and house and yard and pets and firewood, and still try to spend time with him, though mostly while I'm there he sleeps. Except when I bring in my school books thinking I'll spend some time studying, lol. Then he's wide awake and either wanting me to get him this or that, or move him here or there, or he's got the TV going full volume. I did get th'niece's baby blanket finished for her soon-to-be newborn, and a pair of socks for her eldest, so hospital time once again proves out to be quality knitting time.

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