08 December 2010

Winter break!

So, today was my first full day of almost five weeks off school. Wheeeeeeeee! I cleaned house, swept and mopped, litterboxes, took out trash & compost, did laundry & dishes (such a full life, eh?), made a gallon of egg nog (now that's more like it), read some, knat some.

I believe I'll alternate reading and knitting a few more times before bed, though I'm yawning now.

Bob's on a new drug and weaning off an old one --I'm not sure what the reason is; I was in school taking a final that day and th'neighbor drove him to his appointments-- so at the moment he's at about "half dose" of both and as a result he pretty much slept all day today... on the couch in the stove room, then in the chairtrap in the living room, then back to the couch, rinse, repeat. And in bed before seven pee em.

So I spent the morning cleaning, and cooking 'nog, and keeping the fire going. It's COLD! In the mid twenties all day, down in upper single digits last night. Ask me how I know - I was up from three to five a em and saw the thermometer on the front porch - which for once was agreeing with Google Weather.

Weather dot com says it's going to storm all weekend then Monday's high will be fourteen. Oh boy. And a low of four. I can hardly wait.

I'm about three inches into the 3rd Pete hat (this one's for a neighbor who also had a brain tumor, and also is without scalp hair for the winter) and I'd like to finish it and give it to her before the weekend. I guess that gives me tomorrow to finish it.

Also started Aunt Judy's socks, but that's about all I've done --start-- I cast on one and may have knit a couple of rounds of cuff, but am no further. I did buy a leftovers container, the kind she sends us home with after dinner at their house, to "wrap" the socks in when I give them to her. That was during my big shopping spree Monday, when I also bought Bob & me each a pair of sweatpants and a couple of lampshades (no, not for New Years' parties, for the damn lamps, okay?)

New lampshades make me want to clean house, I guess. And buy more lampshades. I see at least three more I'd like to replace...

So, there's the news. At least there's what part of it I'm willing to share.

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