04 December 2010

finishing things

This week I finished the 2nd "Pete Seeger" hat and began a 3rd. Last night in the ER I finished the blue socks (just need to kitchener the toe, if I can find a crewel needle), and this morning, during a long soak in the tub I finished the Alex Kava book. Maybe I'll finish another book - the one I want to send Sis - this weekend.

Pete hat the 1th (knit precisely to pattern specs):

Pete hat the 2th (added one round to each color change to make a longer hat):

English 102 final was last Monday, A & P final is this Monday, Psych final is Tuesday, and History final is due Friday. I have two more history papers to write before Monday evening.

It's snowing. It's pretty. According to a neighbor, we're supposed to have two inches by Monday morning. There's a big fat wren on a pine branch right outside my window, but she's not singing. All I hear are the cardinals.

I have a headache. These late-night ER trips are wearing me down, though they do provide me with some quality knitting time. I wish I hadn't lost my glasses. Eye strain could be contributing to the more frequent headaches. When all this other stuff calms down I'll make an eye appointment and get a new pair (and that's when I'll find the old ones - as soon as I've paid for an expensive frame, LOL)

Next on my knitting needles:
One of the neighbors had radiation and has no hair; she'll be getting this 3rd Pete hat. Bob says they're warm and comfortable. I can't really tell, since I have hair. Aunt Judy saw the socks I was knitting while we were there for T'giving dinner (the pair I just finished), and asked if I could make a pair for her. That's next on the sock agenda (as soon as I find that crewel needle and bind off). I've wanted a new challenge and this will provide one: tapering from a larger calf to a tiny ankle.

Next on the life agenda:
Clean off the paper pile on my desk. The cats keep using it for a slide. A thorough housecleaning wouldn't be a waste of time either... and then there're those two history papers. Guess I'll begin with more caffeine and then this paper pile.

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