16 November 2010


A while back I picked up a dollar's worth of paperbacks at a yard sale. Last week, after finishing the deep and dark Interview with the Vampire I picked up one of those to read. I'm sure I picked it for its bright, cheery cover, sort of a mosaic of quilt pieces.

Rude awakening: it was a Harlequin! Eeek and ick! "Oh well," I thought, "here I sit, book in hand, and feeling too lazy to get out of this chairtrap and find another." So I read it. I have to say I enjoyed the first two thirds - but the last hundred pages kept me in eye-rolling mode. I finished it while soaking in the tub this morning, so the temptation to drop it in the water was always on the edge of my thoughts. ;)

Other than that... Had English class last night, Writing II, it's called, and it's a course on argumentative writing. I hate arguing, so this hasn't been all that enjoyable. I turned in the last couple of assignments, which catches me up to date (except for one test, which I can take online, at my leisure, it seems), and she's giving us next Monday off, for Thanksgiving. The following Monday will be our last day in class, and I have an 8-page paper due then. One of the assignments I turned in last night was the proposal & annotated bibliography for that paper, so I could say I've got a fair start on the 8 pages, anyway.

Tonight I have Psych class. I believe we have a test. We can use notes, which is nice... but I also have a 5-page paper due in that class tonight, which is what I'll be working on the rest of today, I hope. I actually blew off my Monday morning Biology class just to work on the papers for the Monday and Tuesday night classes, and I think that was a good call. Better to lose a few points in one class than a bunch of points in two others...?

The weather's turned cool and wet. Right now, at quarter after ten in the morning, it's about 50F according to the front porch thermometer. The wood stove is keeping the house nice and toasty, and I have what's split covered with tarps and a couple days' worth on the porch, right by the back door. I REALLY need to dig the rest of the onions and potatoes; one day this week I think the low is going to be in the mid-twenties, and I'm not sure they can stand that.

On knitting...

I started th'Mr's 2nd Pete hat, but I haven't gotten very far.

On cats...

Growler needs a trip to the drrrr, as does Klutz. He for coughing, she for a chronic ear infection. Hopefully I can squeeze at least part of that in this Thursday.

And now, hi ho, hi ho, it's off to (school)work I go.

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