12 November 2010

November weather

Almost 60F according to the front porch thermometer, which I can see from my desk. Let the fire go out yesterday, because we're supposed to have highs in the low 70s for the next three days (then a high of 55, with rain, Sunday), and there is a broken brick in the woodstove I'd like to replace before then. This morning ran the living room baseboard heat for half an hour or so, which was enough to "knock the chill off."

Th'Mr slept with his Pete Seeger hat on, as he is now again, but now he's in the chairtrap and not the bed. I got him up at 8:30, because one of the Health Team therapists was supposed to come by between 9 and 10AM, but now it's after 11 and she hasn't shown up. I am tempted to complain. Not about her in particular, but the entire bunch of them. Either they don't show up when they say they will, or they show up without calling first, which half the time means we're not here. He's bemused by this. Says a woman he knew well a few years ago was in that same business, working for the same outfit, and got paid based on however many patients she saw that week. If that's still the way it works, these kids aren't getting paid much from this particular source.

Finally finished the Anne Rice book yesterday, during a much-anticipated hour's soak in the tub. It was a good book (everyone says so), but it took me way too long to read and I was tired of it by the time it finally ended. I will probably read more in the series, but probably not while I have so much else going on (school in particular).

School is good. I'm feeling a little optimism about my grades. I do have two large papers (and a small one) due next week but finally I feel I have a handle on it again. My English paper (8 pages - but it's only the proposal & annotated bibliography that's due Monday, so 3 pages) will be an argument for commercial hemp growing, even if it means re-legalizing marijuana.

My Developmental Psych paper (5 pages, or 3 real good ones, he says - I think I'll play it safe and write 5) is due Tuesday and I'm thinking about doing it on the pathways of metastasis.

History paper is due later in the week - Thursday, I think, and I have a choice of three topics - how minorities fared in the 1950s (which were a golden age for white males), the Korean War, the Cold War, the Cuban missile crisis ...wait, that's four.

...oh, okay, scratch Korean and Cold. The other question was "how did we get into the Viet Nam conflict." That might be the easiest :) to work up quickly, with both Christian Appy and Howard Zinn here as references.

On knitting...
Finished th'Mr's Pete Seeger hat, obviously, as he's been wearing it, and I'm still working on his first pair of Winter 2010 socks. Aunt Judy saw sock #1 and requested a pair. They'll be cast on as soon as sock #2 is off the needles, which should be soon as I'm on the gusset decreases now. The Pete Seeger hat is done, good, attractive, and appreciated (and fits), but I think it would be better with "more different" colorways. So I looked around on Ravelry and found another knitter willing to part with another 3 balls of Taos, these in a redder colorway, so I ordered them and they arrived today. He'll soon have two hats to choose between. And the 2nd one will be a smidge longer than the first. AND... Well, since my English paper is on hemp, I thought I'd knit something small out of hemp to bring to class (we're supposed to include a "presentation" with our paper). And I really want to finish my Cascade220 sweater before the weather turns bitter. That's the one I was working on last November. :( I hope it still fits, 'cause it's not far from done.

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