13 December 2010

Whilst soaking...

Those of you who know me might wonder why I'm completely avoiding the subject of certain "current events;" the reason, to put it briefly, is a stalker. Or, rather, two. One clinically insane woman who was once a physical as well as internet stalker, and one incredibly stupid man who --so far-- has only stalked th'Mr via the web.

So... what else has been going on here. Paid for 1/2 the doggie vet bill - the owner wasn't happy, but no way am I paying the full $640.- for someone else's dog who was out running loose and could have encountered any number of other accidents. Then, yesterday, I catch her cat trying to come in my kitchen window-slash-cat door.

I feel sorry for the cat. S/he is apparently an "outdoor" kitty. Once there were two, but the road claimed one. Two tabbies. This one is huge and I'm assuming it's an unneutered male. Speaking of which, Anastasia is now 6 months old and I need to get her "fixed," pronto. Everycat who walks by her sticks his or her nose under Ana's tail. She's still a tiny little thing. I think I figured she is three weeks older than Sugar and Spike, but I bet they outweigh her by a pound and a half.

These two photos are Ana with Booger. Boog runs about 21 pounds, Anastasia about 4.

Back to th'badneighborlady's cat - I do feel sorry for it, especially with this weather we're having (36 hours of snow, several days with highs in the teens), but right on the other side of her trailer is a nice new big horse barn with lots of warm horse breath and straw and hay to burrow in. I don't think this kitty will suffer by not becoming one of my clan.

So this morning I pulled myself together, paid a couple bills, cleaned off my desk (much easier if I do it weekly, I'm finding), started washing dishes. I have a goal of finishing the dishes, doing litterboxes, sweeping, and taking out the trash, but that may be a bit much under the circumstances!

Our laptop, which I declared fried and refried back in September, has enjoyed a couple months in a coma and on life support (plugged in, turned off) and is now functioning again. Yesterday I thought I'd take a nap in the chairtrap, with knitting, current book (a new Grisham), and laptop for company, but when I tried to connect I found my router security settings wouldn't let me. So then instead of napping or even relaxing I spent the next couple hours fooling around with that problem. I think it's fixed, and while the first batch of dishes soaks I brought the laptop into the living room and sat here at the desktop to write this.

Now back to dishes.

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