17 December 2010

all better now?

Seems they had my husband overmedicated. I took matters into hand and reduced dosages (Saturday night, when nobody outside of an emergency room could have been reached) and again Wednesday morning (when I was still too angry to deal with either our nurse practitioner or the neurosurgeon). Saturday night he stopped retreating, and Wednesday morning he started coming back.

Why they had him doped into zombiehood in reaction to ONE seizure is beyond me, but I am no health care professional. Yet. All I know is having him lucid with the possibility of a seizure is much preferable to having him with no muscle control and unable to talk, but guaranteed not to have one. Ya think?

So today I had a brief nap on the couch, beside the wood stove. I guess it's the first time I've been relaxed enough for one since this debacle began, the day after my last class of the Fall 2010 semester. I've been tired! Not so much sleepy, but just plain tired.

A few days ago we got six inches of snow dumped on us, and a couple days after that came another few inches interspersed with sleet, which gave us a nice crispy layer over the soft fluffy stuff. Yesterday while refilling the firewood pile on the porch and the bird feeders in the back yard I got out the wide plastic leaf rake and made some paths, to the car, to the firewood pile, to the larger pile (stack) of split wood, to the bird feeders, to the garage.

Today we got out, at his request, to do a little shopping (look for me a pair of boots - :( - failed). Caromed down the driveway with not much problem, but couldn't make it all the way back up the driveway when we got home. Ah well, at least he was able to walk the 20 yards back to the house without me half carrying him.

On reading and knitting... I finished the Grisham book after my nap and finally remembered where I'd left the yarn and partially completed 3rd "Pete" hat. So that's on the desk before me as I type. I have gotten no further on th'Aunt's socks, but now have a request for a pair for th'grandnephew (who is trying to claim for himself a pair I don't remember knitting for his mother), as well as gloves for myself, for th'Mr, for a cousin and a friend. Earflaps for my hat and when I mentioned those, earflaps for th'Mr's Pete hat as well. The "plain vanilla chocolate raglan" that I'd hoped to finish last winter, and on and on. A cousin came to visit th'Mr a couple days ago and brought a couple more books for my "to read" pile. School interferes greatly with reading for pleasure, but the Grisham makes the 61st book I've finished this year.

And with that, I'll close this.

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