19 December 2010

and better and better

He's continuing his trip back. Today I'm thinking he's more "back to normal" than since before the surgery - way before it, as a matter of fact. Maybe since before the lung surgery. And he's well on his way to slender, wow.

Today I finished the 3rd Pete hat, mine, finished the Harlan Coben book (th'Mr said, "Coben always starts strong, writes a great plot, and in the last 50 pages or so everything falls apart." I find this to be true.) and picked up the "embroidery book," as I called it when th'cousin brought it over early in the week. It's a familiar book - I thought at first I'd read another in the series --yarn shop worker, sleuth, cat-- until I remembered the other book took place in Arizona/Nevada (Phoenix/Las Vegas?) and this one's in Minnesota.

And that's the short post for tonight.

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