17 September 2010

26th August began another round of surgical adventures. An egg-sized tumor was removed from th'Mr's right side frontal lobe. I thought he hadn't been himself lately! Actually, I guess he'd been himself plus.

So, a 12-day hospital stay (and two surgeries, of course, always two for one, it seems) later and he's good as new, and got a very cool scar across the top of his head, just in time for Hallowe'en, he says.

Twelve days we lost, and I spent about 4 of those (nights) at home and the rest crashed in various places around the hospital (which is 75 miles from home). I could have gotten a hotel room, or stayed with friends, or friends-of-friends, but I felt somehow that if I removed myself from the hospital grounds at all I might as well go home and reassure the animals. So I stayed. By far the most comfortable, on the nights I wasn't allowed to crash in his room, were the nights in the car.

That's a pretty neat trick, fitting my nearly-six-foot self comfortably into a reclining position in something no bigger than a Sable! Beat the hell out of those couches in the waiting rooms.

We got home Tuesday night, the 7th of September, and Wednesday all I did was sleep. Ten days later and we're still catching up on sleep, and I'm nowhere near caught up on homework... AND today I find myself coming down with something that has my throat raw and itchy. Hopefully it's an allergy thing, not a cold thing.

Now th'Mr has a dance card filled with doctor appointments... I've been trying to schedule them so they don't interfere with school, but I've had to quit the tutoring. There's just not enough time to do everything --I was a bit overextended anyway; it was beginning to wear on me, though it was enjoyable-- and beside my chauffeuring duties I have a mess of yarden to get back under control. Not to mention my aging body that needs time up and away from a desk before it decomposes completely.

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