25 September 2010


One more week, and then fall break! Maybe I'll catch up before then! Got a 70 on an English paper; absolutely crushed me. Guess it was obvious I hadn't read the material. Have another large paper due in Eng Monday, and in Psy a week from Tuesday ...but wait ...doesn't the Psy class take fall break too? Anat & Phys give quizzes daily. History is giving me a big break - Only 10 of the 16 chapters have to be reported on, and I've done two ...or three?

In the yarden I am slowly working my way around the in- and outside of the fence, pulling then mowing then pulling some more. What I've done looks good. What I haven't done looks like nobody lives here. I've begun cutting the dead limbs out of the apple trees. That's a big job. In the vegarden, the okra is going to seed :( which means there are no tiny okrae to snack on when I go outside. Seed is good, though, and I still harbor dreams of some day making a living off seeds and seedlings. The weeds don't only choke things out, they stunt growth: we still have green tomatoes, and tomato flowers! Hmmm.

We also have a dragonfly hatchery. My wading pool is full of the larva, and in the afternoons the back yard looks like an airfield full of organic helicopters. Happy me: the dragonflies eat mosquitoes and dragonfly larvae eat mosquito larvae!

Shorty's gone to the drrr, she had a pea-size tumor removed from the side of her face. She has stitches and looks like Frankencat. Stitches come out after 10 days, which will be a week from Monday. Still need to get the three littlest ones fixed ...Wednesday afternoon Sugar and Spike go in for shots, and Snuffy for stitch removal. Remember his granuloma? Stitches from then. I'm ashamed.

Cats are on a diet: wet food only. It's just been a few days and we're all still getting used to it. Maybe it'll work. Booger, at 23 pounds, !ten kilo! really needs it. He has intermittent joint problems; I wonder why?

My nice flat screen monitor also has a tumor. There's a spot on the lower right that is growing, and nothing lives in it. I'll hate to go back to a big fat monitor, but the cats would like it over the winter, so maybe I'll consider it.

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