21 August 2010

So the first week of fall semester is over. Only 13 credit hours (12 is a "full load") but the workload is right on the edge of overwhelming! For instance, besides some online reading, this week I've had to read 6 chapters in 4 texts and write two papers. Okay, now that I write it down it doesn't seem like all that much. I'm all caught up in the History and English classes, need to read a chapter in the Psychology book and write a paper ...on possibly unrelated material: a 10-page handout that I've finished studying, (I'll get that paper written first thing today; already have the formatting for title page & references done and that was the hard part), and then devote the rest of the weekend to the Anatomy and Physiology class.

Plus the day-and-a-half of tutoring per week. Actually, that isn't so bad. Thursday I got all my reading for History class done in between helping people figure out what they needed to know. This early in the semester most "tutoring" is showing people around the college website.

The grass is too long to mow without several days of sunshine, the hummingbird feeders have been empty for weeks, and the weeds in the garden are waist-high. Literally. It took me ten minutes of weed-pulling to find onions yesterday, and I know they're in the first row past the irises. Okra is four inches long or longer, and I only eat them when they're under two inches. School has taken over my life.

We have kittens. About a month ago th'Mr had a doctor (ARNP)appointment locally, and while we were there we learned someone had dumped two infant kittens in their parking lot overnight. There'd been severe thunderstorms overnight and then it turned into a blisteringly hot day. We took them straight to the vet and the next day they came home. Other than the usual kitten ailments (runny eyes, ear mites, fleas) they were dehydrated but healthy, and about 4 weeks old.

The first couple of days they lived on a recliner, but soon they learned their way around the rest of the house. Right now they've reached the annoying stage, where what we end up saying to them most often is "ow, damn it, quit!"

That picture is a week old. They're much bigger now.

Unfortunately we have two more coming: two rescues I agreed to take on the day before Sugar & Spike came into our lives. Transport is being arranged from Georgia and South Carolina, and they should arrive within a week. Then we'll have 13, which really is the limit.

Crazy cat lady = 13 cats = witchy number = they're all my "familiars" = we have 7 black cats...? no, only five, counting the one coming in this week.

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