10 August 2010

coming into the new school year

Been busy... when the summer algebra classes I was tutoring ended I should have had two weeks off (but who can turn down easy money? not me) but instead I'm putting in 20 hrs/wk helping with Admissions & Assessments. Mostly I sit at a desk, check my email and facebook, knit a little, read a little in this fall's history book, answer the phone, make copies, direct traffic, and "courier" paperwork from one office to another. Today I made a poster advertising this term's tutoring services (that would be me), and got lots of compliments on it. Undeserved, IMO, since all I was doing is capturing graphics and colors off the MCTC website and then playing in the MS paint program till I liked what I had. The hardest part was waiting for pages to load on what I've been told is the oldest computer on campus :(
Here's my lovely poster:

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