10 July 2010


Yesterday we had a little rain, and it's cooled off some. Today I planned to spend all day on homework (and all day yesterday), and you know how that goes. Although I've made good progress, I still have a bit to finish up. In the Medical Terminology class there are two chapter tests due every Sunday evening, and I got one done this morning. The other chapter I'm about halfway through with, so I'm not panicking. So far in this and my other class (Writing I) I have about a 97.8 average. I know in the Med Term class the two lowest exam grades will be dropped :) and so far my lowest two are 96% each.

This afternoon I took a break and spent a couple hours in the pool with a book and a drink, and the kittens keeping an eye out in case I drown... though what they'd do about it I don't know. Deflate it, maybe? I bought some pool patches today, and clipped Snuffy's claws yesterday. Duct tape, even applied over Gorilla Glue, doesn't work on itty-bitty claw holes. I'm reading the new Stephanie Plum, Finger Lickin' Fifteen. They're not literature, but they are entertaining. I need some entertainment mixed into all this serious study material!

Need to get some pictures posted. I don't do much of that in the warm months... take plenty, but don't crop and size and post many. Too busy...

So, yesterday morning, all seriousness, I sat at the kitchen table with my caffeine and my books, ready to tackle those two chapters. Of course the OCD kicked in immediately and first I had to get the algebra out of the way. I am tutoring /proctoring /teacher's aide-ing an algebra and a pre-algebra class, and Tuesday I have a bunch of students coming in to retake three different exams (and one quiz). For some reason, working through all the problems on all those exams took precedence (in my pointy little head) over the work I'm actually needing to do for my classes. Anyway, that was out of the way pretty quickly and I got into the Musculoskeletal Systems chapter of the Medical Terminology book. Got most of the way through it (with breaks to clean house, eat, pull weeds) and finished it up this morning. Took the test online this morning and made 50 out of 50, then got into the next chapter, Genitourinary Systems. I'm probably 3/5 of the way through it so far. Shouldn't be a problem finishing and taking the test by the 5PM Sunday deadline.

Three more weeks, four more chapters and a final exam.

And then there's the Writing I class. I need to have a "process description" paper (3 pages) done by the 15th. I've outlined it in my disorganized way ...it's on tying shoelaces :) and just need to "clean it up" a little, check my sentence structure and make sure it all makes sense. And put it into the correct format in Word, attach it to an email, and send it to the professor.

I'm doing a bit better in that class than I thought I would. At first I thought, "writing! An easy 'A'!" and then when I saw the sort of thing she wanted us to write --a 500-word metaphor comparing myself to something in nature-- I thought, "uh oh!" but so far, so good. Maybe I'll post my assignments here. But not right now.

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