04 December 2009

kittens, week 2/3

\]\\\] Barney added her comment, walking on the keyboard. I have the laptop set up at the kitchen table, listening to Jango, a station I called Elton John, but on which I've put artists ranging from Carly Simon to Nirvana, R.E.M. and Blondie, Jim Croce, Neil Young, The Guess Who... I deleted Glen Campbell & Boy George though, after I'd started out with them on it.

Kittens, anyway.


That was Snuffy walking on the keyboard. Now he's chewing on my book.
On the speaker wire.

sd099was999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999l;; says Snuffy.

Kittens! They are as much fun as we both remember. Into everything. Sleep all day and play with the noisiest thing they can find, all night long. Or they play together, beating each other up while yowling like it's real serious!

Barney is a little lady, except when Snuffy gets her wound up. The drrrrrrrr placed her age at between six months and a year, but we prefer to think it's six months. She's so tiny! Later this month she'll be spayed. When I head to bed at night, usually to sit up and read or knit a while, she jumps onto the foot of the bed and comes running up to head-butt me. This is the routine. She also likes to lay on my shoulder, barely balanced.

Snuffy is no longer afraid of any big cat (or dog) and I haven't heard him growl or hiss in days, except when he and Barney are wrestling. Got some pictures of him playing in the cardboard kitty disposable habitrail (LOL) and will post them and others when I get off my lazy ass and do it.

Barney is, of course, in and out the window at her leisure, but Snuffy just found it within the last couple days and is delighted to duck in and out while we're watching. We've been careful not to let either of them out the front door yet. Keep them oriented toward the backyard, garage, barn, and woods to the south, and away from the road (though dead-end and low-traffic), the caged dogs across the road, and highway 60 beyond -- all to the north, out the front door.

They both seem to recognize their names as words they've heard before, but haven't figured out these words mean themselves! They react more to tone of voice, and I think "c'mere" is the actual WORD they'll learn first.

Snuffy is teething. I gave him my Gumby to give my hand some relief. He's started playing nicer, not always with claws extended.

LOL it's 10:15PM. They have now begun their "day" of romping.

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