18 December 2009


I am registered for classes! Still waiting for my transcripts (from 1978!) to get in the system so "they" know what other classes I need to take, but so far I am signed up for 6 credit hours! Eeek!

It's snowing. 3-5 inches tonight, and another 1-3 tomorrow. I got a tarp thrown over most of the woodstack, so maybe it won't be quite as hard to burn as soaked-through frozen wood is.

Kittens are huge! Looks to me like they've doubled their size since they got here (almost a month now, hard to believe).

I've begun the 2nd sleeve on my "Plain Vanilla, Chocolate, Raglan Pullover." Didn't quite finish the first sleeve before starting the second, because I'm tossing around the idea of doing something fancy on cuffs, collar, and hem. What, exactly (or even "what, roughly") I'm not sure yet.

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