27 November 2009


Barney arrived home Friday evening.

Day one (Sat): hisses at all big cats, eats everything in sight, thinks the bathtub is a litterbox. Snuggles with us and purrs.

Day two (Sun): hisses at all big cats but crowds in with them when food is involved, eats everything in sight, learned what kitty litter is. Weighs 4.8 pounds.

Day three (Mon): hisses when big cats startle her, ignores them otherwise. Knows food comes from the kitchen. May have reacted to her name. Went to the vet, got treated for fever & ear infection. Vet speculates she is about 6 months old but malnourished.

Snuffy arrived home Monday evening.

Day four (Tue): Barney eats often, explores house, looks out windows. Knows the back door leads outside.
Day one (Tue): Snuffy hisses, growls, runs, hides. Purrs, snuggles & plays when no other cats are in sight. Eats when I take him to food. Already litter trained. Knows food will be available every day. Startles at loud noises coming from TV movie. Slept around my head.

Day five (Wed): Barney plays in boxes, looks out windows, follows both of us around, snuck out the door once and hesitated at the edge of the back porch. I scooped her up and took her back inside, telling her "not yet."
Day two (Wed): Snuffy hisses & growls at big cats. Hangs out mostly in stoveroom, on a pillow under desk. Plays with Barney. Knows where the food is and goes to it, careful not to run into big cats. Plays in boxes with Barney. Plays on bed. Seems to recognize his name. Carefully comes to the kitchen when he hears me clattering around in there.

Day six (Thu): Barney went outside with us, couldn't get enough of exploring but came running when I called, "what are you doing?"
Day three (Thu): Snuffy plays with Barney in boxes, in kitchen, in stoveroom, on the bed. Played with Nameless' tail. Nameless, showing remarkable restraint, glared at Snuffy and tucked her tail in. Tail came back out, Snuffy played with it again, Nameless hissed once and Snuffy held his ground but growled for five minutes (while Nameless went back to sleep)

Thursday evening I clipped front claws on both. Barney was easier.

Day seven (Fri): Barney found The Window (always open) and thinks she's in kitty heaven, running in and out and around the yard and back in and out.
Day four (Fri): Snuffy follows me around, plays with the broom while I sweep, plays in boxes, plays with toys, plays plays plays, hisses and growls at big cats when they startle him.

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