24 November 2009

Hecticity (hec - tis - it - ee)

Thanksgiving week.

We've been to Lexington twice in two days. To the additional pain doctor (I haven't figured out her name yet, give me time) both times. Monday should have been a "treatment," but since the first one, a couple weeks ago, didn't do th'Mr any good she suggested a different treatment (same thing, actually, but x-ray guided) which we could either stick around for ("I'm way behind today, so it might be a while") or come back Tuesday (today). We did the latter, and now we're home again. He says he can't tell much difference, but it may take a day or two to tell.

We're having dinner at th'aunt&uncle's later this week, and th'Aunt phoned to ask if I'd bring some of my "not fried" fried-looking pies. I'd already planned to make a cake and a pumpkin pie, so right now th'Mr is at the grocery store getting a few last minute ingredients so I can spend tomorrow uninterrupted, in the kitchen. Heaven! LOL! Well, I'd rather be digging in the dirt, but we're about six months out of whack for that, so kitchen suits me fine.

When did I turn into the Crazy Cat Lady? I know I've always had that potential, but it's really manifested itself now... Friday night we celebrated Katrina's Master's Degree (did I get that 2nd apostrophe in the right place?) at the former Jenny's Music Barn in Farmers (a town west of us). Jenny's is now the Music Hall, not the Barn, but Halley/Holly sounds too much like Raleigh, so her name is Barney. Whose name? Why, the kitten that ran up the back of my skirt and perched on my shoulder like that's where she belonged. A long-legged, long-tailed black kitten that at first (when we thought she was male) looked a lot like Winston but now seems the spitting image of Nameless. And I do mean spitting. She's pretty feisty. So yesterday, Monday, after our trip to the city, I took her to the drrrr and while the girls giggled about how all our kitties seem to be black I happened to mention that th'Mr really wants a tabby...

Which is how Snuffy came to live with us yesterday. He's a beautiful little tabby with lynxy tufts on his cheeks, who's been living in a kennel at the drrrrrrrr's for about a month, and now lives with us. Understandable that he was quite freaked out last night, with not only so many kitties checking him out but so much s p a c e ...

I hear them playing in the kitchen now. They both understood right away what toy mice were, but I think the ball in the plastic frame is the new favorite.

In knitting news, I've finally started my Cascade220 pullover. It's a raglan, following Barbara Walker's basic top-down instructions. This morning I had to frog two inches because I'd been increasing every round instead of every 2nd round... had been wondering why it was getting so ruffly! I hope to have it done by the middle of next month. Which won't happen if I can't tear myself away from Facebook and Mafia Wars more often.

We had a week of cold-enough-to-build-a-fire nights, but since mid-week the lows have been back up into the forties, so the new kittens haven't experienced the full effect of the stoveroom yet. For three months of every year that becomes the hangout for all cats & dogs.

What else... turkeys are back, but I think I mentioned that in an earlier blog post. Okay, that's all for now.

One more thing! Head over to http://jsloan-isbn.blogspot.com/ to see my efforts at copy-editing. I have four books sitting at my side, waiting for my notations to be transfered to the new blog. (so, don't head there yet. Wait a few days for me to get my shit together and actually put something on the blog.) Maybe someone will "discover" me and pay me to work from home, doing what I do anyway - reading books and griping about mistakes!

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