28 December 2009

It "snode"

It snowed again, yesterday evening, about an inch the weatherman says. It's bitter cold - still in the low 20's at 11AM - and I trudged around in housecoat, sweats and birkenstocks refilling all the bird feeders this morning before caffeine, and before feeding the cats. The birds seem to find something to eat under the pines, because I often see them right out "my" window, picking around in the maple leaves that lay thick under the skinny old pine trees. I'd really like to plant some cedar seedlings among those trees, along the fence, to give us more privacy from the neighbors on the east side.

Raleigh (who has his own facebook page, and plays mafia wars) got a Christmas present --a three-in-one toy-- from th'niece. The kittens play with it a lot, but I've also seen Raleigh, Roadie, and Klutz using it. Barney finally this morning allowed me to hold her and purred for me. It's been almost a week since her spaying (Dec 22), and she's been borderline mad at me ever since.

I'm still waiting for my circular needles I ordered from Woodland Woolworks last week. I know Christmas has the mail slowed down, but I'm impatient to get back to my raglan. I've half-heartedly worked on a pair of socks this week, and started a hat in the same alpaca the Palindrome scarf is made of. I'm using an adaptation of the Maeve hat pattern. The brim (ribbing) fits well, but I may rip out the few inches of fair isle I've worked up so far - it feels tight. OTOH it should block out nicely... I haven't decided yet. If the circulars come in today's mail I won't have to decide today.

I <3 my ipod! (Okay, I guess I need to find an html equivalent of the facebook heart; <3 doesn't work here) I've spent hours knitting while listening to knitpicks podcasts, and also loaded a bunch of music onto it. I like the voice memo for shopping lists, there's a video camera! and lots of other goodies. I especially like that I can have it cranked up, get really good sound quality, and still hear what's going on around me.

Next week we begin the Atkins diet. Scary stuff, especially for an herbivore like myself. I'm not vegetarian, but I prefer vegetables & gravy over meat. Starches / carbs are my favorite foods: bread, potatoes, pasta. At least I like eggs & cheese a lot, so it won't be too much of a hardship ;) except on the pocket.

Yesterday I got a little more done deep cleaning (the ipod helped). Worked on the corner bookcase in the bedroom, and my "sewing" corner of the stoveroom. The latter needs a coat of paint and some propping up of saggy windowsills, but looks much better already. I plan to start seedlings on those windowsills, soon as I have them propped up and a lip (to prevent cats knocking stuff off) attached.

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