31 December 2009

movies I watched in 2009

I watched 81 movies this year. Here's the list:

December: Star Trek; The Blind Side (at theater); Every Little Step; The Vagina Monologues; The Mist; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; Taking Woodstock (7)

November: Night Passage; All Quiet on the Western Front; The Mirror Mask; Mr Brooks; But I'm a Cheerleader; Dr. Bonner's Magic Soapbox; The Taking of Pelham 123; 2012 (at theatre); Short Cuts; The Quiet Earth; Is Anybody There?; The Proposal; Choke (13)

October: Heaven's Gate; The Secret Life of Bees; Shrink; The Dish; Stone Cold; The Name of the Rose; The Boondock Saints (7)

September: The Godfather III; Munich; Canadian Bacon; Sunshine Cleaning; Evolution; State of Play; Four Brothers (7)

August: Fragments; The Soloist; The Godfather; The Godfather II; The Time Traveler's Wife (at theatre); Inglourious Basterds (at theatre) (6)

July: Killshot; Taken; Defiance; New in Town; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; Powder Blue; Time Quest; The Happening; Rachel Getting Married; Knowing; 8 Below; Oceans 13; Mama Mia; The Haunting in Connecticut (14)

June: (0)

May: Last Chance Harvey; The Visitor (2)

April: Twilight; Blindness; Frozen River; Mr & Mrs Smith; 2001: A Space Odyssey (5)

March: Hope and Glory; In Electric Mist with Confederate Dead; Let the Right One In; I've Loved You so Long; Towelhead; Cannery Row (6)

February: Lonely Hearts; The Ladykillers; Gran Torino; Tropic Thunder; Owning Mahowney; Body of Lies; Changeling; Frost/Nixon (8)

January: The Matador; Iron Man; War, Inc; Ghost Town; Dark Knight; Humbold County (6)

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