16 August 2009

Where I run

This is the road we live on. It's a dead-end road. From my mailbox to the property line of the last resident (where road turns into driveway) and back is just about 3/4 mile. That's what I'm walking and running every day. It's hilly.

I took these pictures last Monday, about 6PM. The first two are on my way out, the other two on my way back. Immediately after I got back it rained - poured! I don't know what the lights on pix 1 & 3 are, but I do know they are in about the same place, coming and going. I know some people think lights like these in photos are spirits. If they are, it makes sense they'd be in the same place, mmm?

Today I'm going to start running twice a day, morning and evening. I'll take a naproxen about twenty minutes before I set out; see if that helps.

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